(*Only applicable on purchases from $2001.00 & upwards)


Everything except mother-in-laws! Having worked with over 6000 clients all with different projects we have seen most items. And if we cant we will find someone who can.

Buyers Premium gives the buyer clear title of ownership – if you have a dispute on it we will help you through it.

You sure can, we encourage people to come in.

Yes that is what the viewing day is for.

Call us on 08004AUCTION before the auction starts and one of the staff will look at it and answer any of your questions or we can email you more photos.

We present them at the next available auction or negotiate with the highest bidder if reserve was not met.

Yes you are most welcome to, we do not accept reserves under $100 or on items which have lower auction values.

We prefer bank transfer 14 days after the sale. It is quick , simple and will show in your account ready when you are.

If you wish to bid and buy an item you must register. Do not use your friends number as this can lead to frustration.

If you are unable to collect an item within the time required call us on 08004AUCTION. If the items are abandoned we will pursue the funds – charge your credit card a $25 collection fee and the buyers premium for storage or engage a debt collector. We will ban you from bidding and block your account. If you falsify your bidding registration or use a friends account we will block those too and require payment of previous items before releasing ANY items to you or your representative.

This is dealt with on a case by case basis please come in and see our staff, we can resell it for you.

Thornton Auctions, Auckland New Zealand