At Thornton Auctions we are able to assist you with converting your unused items into cash with rates compatible within the market. Sales are publicly advertised and open to everyone. Thornton Auctions sells on behalf of the vendor or buys direct by negotiation.

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    In House

    Assets brought to our auction house and sold on behalf of the vendor. Items are presented at an traditional outcry auction and LIVE STREAMED online to get your items to a wider market.

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    All items are presented & sold from the site where they get used. Some sites may not be suitable or require special requirements for a public sale. Our ONLINE bidding system can operate in most places making us truly independent from server based auction houses.

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    Offering an alternative option to sell specialised one off items or a complete business to a targeted part of the market.

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    Cash ’n’ Carry

    Similar to over counter sales used to sell a large quantity of similar items such as: Clothing, Supplies, Surplus stock.

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    Direct Sale

    A sale set up by the vendor to a select group such as families of deceased estates.

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    Online Auction

    Our own online bidding system allowing us to sell from one off to complete pallet lots to the local & offshore clients.

If you have any further questions about selling items through us, please contact us here.

Thornton Auctions, Auckland New Zealand